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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jordan McNallyJordan McNally
1st time pass
Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to Lorraine for her enthusiasm, guidance, patience and determination when helping me learn to drive over the past couple of months - this morning, I passed my driving test FIRST TIME, With only 3 driving faults. I came to Lorraine with a bit of driving knowledge, having done a few lessons a few years ago, but she treated it like I was starting from fresh. She helped me get into the swing of things and allowed to work at my own pace which I think is vital for someone to learn something as intimidating as driving. She takes time and effort to teach you techniques, but also explains things really well when she feels you can tidy up your mistakes - my examiner said he was shocked it was my first test as I drive so well, and I put this down to Lorraine’s efforts and the time she takes to get things right. The encouragement was a nice touch and she was so nice to learn with. Would highly recommend, and thank you again Lorraine. YOU HAVE BEEN FAB, it’s a shame I won’t get to learn with you again but I thank you for all of your efforts and kind nature in getting me across the finish line. Thank you xx

Heather Morris
Post test assessment
Hi Lorraine, I’ve had 2 weeks of driving now and I’m loving it. Thank you again. I drove on the motorway this weekend and I felt confident and in control. You are a wonderful instructor, patient and encouraging. Not only teaching me what I needed to pass my test but also the fundamentals of driving. I wish you all the best. Take care, Heather 😊

Laura Gilroy
Today I had my first lesson with Lorraine and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! I feel like I’ve learnt so much just from the one lesson I’ve had, I felt so comfortable and Lorraine made me feel at ease as I was really nervous. She explained everything to me clearly and if there was anything I was unsure on she explained it until I understood. I didn’t feel afraid to make mistakes or ask questions as she made it clear that it’s fine to make mistakes as we always learn from them and ensure we don’t make the same mistake again. We had a few obstacles along the way but Lorraine kept me calm and stopped me from panicking, an example of this was a junction we came to which neither of us were expecting and it was a really sharp corner. There was a car behind me so I was worrying about that but she reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and explained clearly how to get out of the situation. She helped with the controls and told me how to control the steering wheel to get around safely. We came to a stop and spoke about the corner as it was a learning curve for us both and we decided to go back around and try it again, working together we got back around it. There was also a loose dog off of a lead at the side of the road so Lorraine explained that I needed to slow down and then when we had gotten past it we came to a stop and she questioned me on why the dog was a hazard and what could of potentially happened if I would of carried on driving as normal, things I probably would never of thought about but something I have learnt from today. I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson today and look forward to another as I felt so comfortable and calm and Lorraine is simply a great teacher.